Home Finance Top 10 Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs – Full List Provided

Top 10 Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs – Full List Provided

Top 10 Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs – Full List Provided

Many individuals aspire to start their own businesses, some opting for simplicity while others choose manufacturing. Capital is necessary for any business venture, so it is important for people to determine if their available funds are sufficient to start a manufacturing business.

In today’s digital age, new business opportunities are constantly emerging. However, the significance of manufacturing businesses should not be underestimated. In this article, we will explore 10 manufacturing business ideas that require an investment of under 10 lakhs.

10 best manufacturing business ideas under 10 lakhs 

Optical frame manufacturing

The demand for optical frames is continuously growing, making it a highly profitable business. The manufacturing process for optical frames is relatively simple. Machinery can be imported from countries like China, costing around Rs 3 to 5 lakhs.

The low cost of plastic as the raw material makes it affordable, with screws and final designs added manually or with the help of machines. The total cost to manufacture a plastic frame is approximately Rs 150 to 200, including labor charges, and it can be sold for around Rs 250 to 300.

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Tissue paper making

Tissue papers are in high demand everywhere, from restaurants and coffee shops to weddings and parties. The cost of a tissue paper manufacturing machine is Rs 5 lakhs, making it an excellent manufacturing business idea under 10 lakhs.

Packaged drinking water

Starting a packaged drinking water business is another idea requiring an investment of less than 10 lakhs. The demand for packaged drinking water is high in both residential and commercial locations due to hygienic concerns. Different package sizes, such as 1 liter bottles or 10 to 20 liter cans, can be manufactured.

Making cell phone cases 

The number of cell phone users is rapidly increasing, leading to a higher demand for cell phone cases. Manufacturing each plastic case costs less than Rs 30, but they can be sold for Rs 150.

Soap and detergent manufacturing

Soaps and detergents are essential daily products. Setting up a manufacturing business for these items is relatively straightforward with the help of manpower and machines. While the demand remains constant, people now prefer eco-friendly and herbal alternatives, providing an opportunity for profitable manufacturing with an emphasis on sustainability.

Toy manufacturing

There are various types of toy manufacturing businesses available, including plastic, stuffed, and wooden toys. Toy making is considered an art, and skill in this area can lead to great success. The investment required will depend on the type of toys manufactured, making it one of the best manufacturing business ideas under 10 lakhs. 

Eco-friendly disposables

Government regulations banning plastic disposables have created a demand for eco-friendly alternatives. Demand for eco-friendly disposables is high at parties, weddings, and mobile food vans. Starting a manufacturing business for eco-friendly disposables is simple and cost-effective, making it a viable option under 10 lakhs.

Customized jewellery manufacturing

The demand for personalized jewelry is increasing rapidly. If you possess creative skills, starting a customized jewelry manufacturing business can be highly profitable. By fulfilling customers’ requirements and creating exquisite pieces, you can cater to individual demands and generate significant profits.

Pet product business

The pet care industry is experiencing significant growth, with pet owners willing to invest in high-quality products. Starting a pet food business that meets specific nutritional needs or manufacturing pet toys and grooming products can tap into this pet-loving market. With an investment of less than 10 lakhs, this is another excellent manufacturing business idea.

Women’s accessories

The women’s accessories business is another profitable manufacturing idea, as every woman appreciates accessories like earrings, bangles, and necklaces. Showcasing your artistic talent through designs such as stonework, beadwork, or silk thread can attract customers. Emphasize the development of unique raw materials and unleash your creativity to create the best jewelry designs for your business.


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