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Discover the Ultimate Lululemon Legging Dupes Found Online: Champagne & Savings

Which Lululemon Leggings are the Best?

The Lululemon leggings we are referring to in this post are the Align High-Rise Pant. They seem to be the gold standard when it comes to high quality, buttery soft, squat proof leggings. They come in lots of colors and lengths too so you can choose which makes the most sense for you. They have a sleek side pocket and are made of a soft material that is designed for yoga, with the added benefit that it’s also what makes them insanely comfortable. (You know, for us occasional exercisers more just in it for the comfiness.)

If you are looking for a more heavy duty legging with high compression and not as soft material for serious workouts and running (or if you really just like your leggings to suck you in!) then check out the Wunder Train or Base Pace leggings at Lululemon.

How much do the Lululemon Align High-Rise Pants cost?

The Lululemon Align High-Rise Pants at the time of me writing this cost between $98-$118 on the Lululemon website. That’s a lot for leggings! Especially when leggings are a clothing item that you usually want multiple pairs of in your closet.

Do the Lululemon align pants ever go on sale?

Yes! They totally do. All the time. Lululemon has a section of their website that apparently they update every Thursday morning (that’s probably your best bet to find what you’re looking for in your size/preferred color in stock) called “We Made Too Much”. You can find the Align Leggings at discounted prices. Usually you’re not going to find a better deal than 25% off, so if you see a better price definitely snag it!

Black Friday and other popular sale days tend to be unimpressive and no better than sales that happen the rest of the year, so don’t feel like you need to hold out for those sales!

The last way I would suggest getting the real deal for a cheaper price is to buy them used. Lululemon actually has a section on their website called “Like New” where you can buy recycled leggings for a discount. Or you can check out Poshmark and Thredup for used Lululemon leggings for cheap.

Are the Lululemon align pants worth it?

Weak answer, but it depends!

Of course they are high quality and going to last you YEARS. If you’re someone who will wear them all the time, then honestly I think they are totally worth it. If you wear them twice per week for just one year then you come under $1 per every time you wear them. Unlike some trendy seasonal piece of clothing that you may only wear once or twice and then it sits in your closet. I say when it comes to splurging in your closet, quality staples like this can be worth it.

But I get it if the $98-$118 price tag makes you cringe! Hence why I am sharing these other options. Because the flip side is if leggings aren’t exactly something you’re prioritizing your spending on right now (which is very understandable), then these affordable options will totally blow your mind, easily become your go-to leggings for workouts and beyond, and will save you money so you can save it, invest it, or spend it on something more important to you.

The other reason you may want to go for the affordable pair is that you can get a few pairs for the price of one pair of the Lululemon leggings. For me, I’m not exactly the swiftest when it comes to keeping up with my laundry, and having multiple pairs of leggings clean and ready-to-wear in my closet is really helpful instead of me only owning a few pairs and panic searching my huge pile of dirty laundry hoping I can wash and dry them in time for when I need them.

How do you determine which cheap dupes for Lululemon leggings make the list?

Lot’s of research! People feel VERY strongly about their leggings, and I get it. Bunching at the ankle, see-through material, pilling, waistbands that fall down, all of these things are NOT THE VIBE. I literally scoured the internet and the reviews on Amazon in order to determine which pairs are the cream of the crop. I own a few pairs myself, HOWEVER, I am one person with one body type and activity level (it is pretty low lol). So I did not just base this off of my opinion alone. Everyone has different preferences for what they want in a legging, and the Lululemon Align Leggings are very specific. They are a lightweight material with low compression and high waist, perfect for yoga, but also for comfort! If you’re looking for a more heavy duty high compression legging, this ain’t the post for you!

So that’s all the best Lululemon Align Legging dupes out there on the internet! If you love shopping for dupes, then definitely check out my other dupe and cheaper alternatives for popular and expensive items below!

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