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Tesco Discloses Date for 25% Discount on School Uniforms in 2023

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Is Tesco doing 25% off School Uniforms in 2023? Yes, and we reveal the exact Sale Dates for savvy shoppers to bag 20% off Tesco school uniform for children, which enables parents to get quality school uniform for less.


School uniform can be costly, which is why many savvy parents wait until these great offers come available and Tesco is one of the best. Their uniform is affordable anyway, but an extra 25% is certainly a welcomed deal. 

25% Off Tesco Uniform


tesco 25 off uniform 


Does Tesco have 25% off Uniforms?

Tesco has a 25% off school uniform event once per year. This is usually the weekend when the schools in England and Wales break up for their summer holidays, around the end if july. 

Here’s the next Tesco 25% uniform date in 2023…


Tesco25% off School Uniform Date 2023


Next Predicted Date: Tuesday 23rd July 2024


Previous Dates

> Tuesday 25th July – Monday 31st July 2023

> Tuesday 19th July – Monday 1st August 2022


You can also get 25% off School uniform at other times throughout the year when Tesco has the 25% off ALL Clothing sale on. We reveal those sale dates here.


Tesco Uniform Deal FAQs & Sale Tips


What’s Included in Tesco’s 25% Off Uniform Offer?

All boy’s and girl’s school uniforms including:

>> Shirts & Polo Shirts

>> Jumpers

>> Trousers & Joggers

>>Dresses & Pinafores

>> Gingham Dresses

>> Shorts

>> PE kit

>> Hooded Sweatshirts

>> Coats & Jackets

>> Bags & Lunch boxes

>> Hosiery


How long is the Tesco School Uniform Sale on for?

Tesco 25% off all school uniform sale happens once a year and lasts for 6 days. The sale starts just before UK summer holidays, usually early July and finishes around two weeks later. 


Is the Tesco 25% Off Uniform Sale Online?

No, Tesco does not sell clothes of any kind online any longer, The 25% off all school uniforms sale is in stores only.


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Did you know if you work in the Grocery industry, you could qualify for a £150 school uniform grant? Find out more here


If you have any additional questions about the annual Uniform sale at Tesco or have inside info to share, please let us know in the comments below and we will be happy to help you out…


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