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Navigating Prime Day Deals in 2023 Without an Amazon Prime Subscription

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Amazon Prime Day 2023 is July 11 & 12! Two days of epic deals are included with your prime membership.

But what if you don’t have Prime?

Do you need an Amazon Prime account to shop Prime Day deals? Unfortunately yes you do have to be a Prime member to enjoy Prime Day deals. BUT I have some tips for you to shop Prime Day deals without paying for Prime.


First, you can simply take advantage of their 30-day free trial offer. You can sign up today and your membership will still be good for Prime Day. Plus there are some early deals going on now (I’ll get into those later) that you could take advantage of.

Sign up here.

Are you a college student?? Students can take advantage of a FREE 6 MONTH TRIAL! Then you will pay just $7.49 a month after that if you decide to keep it!

Are you a Medicaid or EBT recipient? You can get discounted Amazon Prime at just $6.99 a month. Check to see if you qualify here.

Is Amazon Prime Worth it? Check out my article on all the benefits and see if it’s worth keeping a membership. Check it out here.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Ok now that I’ve shown you how you can take advantage of Prime Day let’s go into what prime day is. Prime Day is an event exclusively for prime members, let’s call it a perk for being a member.

It’s also an attempt by Amazon to get more people to sign up for Amazon.

I’ve been a Prime member forever because I love the two-day shipping, Amazon Prime video (they have great movies), and Amazon music. Plus they have so many other benefits you can check out here.

Basically, it’s like Black Friday for Prime members! By the way, Amazon also does Black Friday deals so having a membership is always great IF you use it and take advantage of all it offers.


This year Amazon is giving Prime members an easy way to get an additional $5 credit to shop on Amazon Prime Day when you buy a $50 Amazon Gift card! All you need to do is go here to activate this offer and follow the instructions to receive your $5 promo credit.

Don’t forget If you’re not a member yet go ahead and grab your free trial membership and then start activating offers and looking for deals.


Be sure to check here for early deals ahead of July 11 & 12th. One deal I saw that I thought was great was the Ring Video Doorbell Wired bundle with Echo Pop for just $39 (Over a $100 Value)!

Check out more early Prime Day 2023 Deals here. Prices will change so visit Amazon for the latest now and up until Prime Day.

Are you shopping Prime Day? Let me know in the comments!

Lady shopping online and a text overlay on photo that says "How to Shop Prime Day without Paying for Prime".

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here

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