Home Business Future Job Replacements: 10 Professions AI Will Replace Eventually

Future Job Replacements: 10 Professions AI Will Replace Eventually

Future Job Replacements: 10 Professions AI Will Replace Eventually

AI, short for artificial intelligence, refers to machines demonstrating intelligence. As AI continues to advance, certain jobs may be replaced by machines based on factors such as cost, efficiency, and accuracy. Below are ten jobs that are likely to be replaced by AI in the future:

1. Advertisement Sales Reps: With the shift towards digital advertising, the role of salespeople in purchasing ads has diminished. APIs and direct marketplaces are now commonly used instead.

2. Bookkeepers: Programs like QuickBooks are already replacing the need for traditional bookkeeping, as they offer a cheaper alternative to hiring someone for the same task.

3. Compensation and Benefits Managers: Services like Ultipro are taking over the role of managing benefits, payroll, and more for companies, making the need for human managers less necessary.

4. Computer Support Specialists: Automation and the availability of online support resources have reduced the demand for human tech support. However, this field still has a projected growth rate of 12% over the next six years.

5. Couriers: While self-driving cars may still be a long way off, companies like Amazon are already using drones and robots for deliveries. In the future, it may be more cost-effective to rely on automated delivery methods.

6. Market Research Analysts: Despite being less likely to be replaced, advancements in chatbots and survey apps make it easier for companies to gather market research data without hiring someone specifically for the task.

7. Proofreaders: Digital proofreading tools and paraphrasing programs are becoming more sophisticated, reducing the need for manual proofreading and rewriting services.

8. Receptionists: With the decline of landlines and the availability of scheduling software, the role of receptionists has become obsolete in many businesses.

9. Retail Workers: Customer self-sufficiency, self-checkout options, and online purchasing are reducing the need for in-store associates who guide customers through their options.

10. Telemarketers: Cold calls have transitioned to cold emails, and the conversion rate for direct phone sales is low. Robocalls have also become a more cost-effective alternative to hiring telemarketers.


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