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Making Your Dreams a Reality: 7 Easy Steps to Get Started

Making Your Dreams a Reality: 7 Easy Steps to Get Started

Dreams come true for those who seek them. You’ve heard it before. But catchy quotes don’t help much with figuring out how to get from where you are today to realizing your biggest lifestyle goals. What is a life goal? Close your eyes and picture your perfect day – the one you wouldn’t mind living over and over. What do you see? Grab a piece of paper and write it out. Now look at the detail in what you wrote and psychoanalyze yourself for a moment. What is it that you’re longing for in your life? What is the #1 thing you need to feel like you’re living your best life? Or, to feel like you’re being challenged appropriately, in all the ways that motivate and inspire you? Or to be surrounded by people you love spending time with, in an environment that makes you happy? Now do some brainstorming and write out a realistic life goal. And don’t sell yourself short by thinking that big dreams are not realistic. Here is a list of some big life goals that may seem unrealistic, but are achievable:

– Relocating to anywhere on the planet
– Digital nomad lifestyle
– Create a business and work from home while homeschooling your kids
– Turn your passion into a money-making business
– Complete your bucket list
– Switch to the career of your dreams
– Live off the grid
– Buy a farm

Be specific and quantitative. Make it a measurable dream with a defined timeline.

Step 2: Decide to Succeed
Deciding to succeed is an absolute must. Once the decision is made, incredible things will start happening.

Step 3: Decide on Tactics
Decide on tactics to achieve your dream, whether it’s reducing costs, investing, or working a side job.

For each tactic, list 5-10 tasks that need to be completed to deploy each tactic.

Step 5: Baby Steps
List out several baby steps that lead to completing the tasks.

Step 6: Embrace Opportunities
As you begin the process of turning your dreams into reality, prepare yourself mentally to embrace the opportunities that arise.


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